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Caption: The Monsoon Summer. Abundance class heavy star cruiser.
Caption: Recently arrived for resupply at Altergate 10-Theta-D.
Caption: Soon to commence her final voyage to the ship breaking moons of Alang Seven.
X2: Look at the size of her!

X2: Abundance class! We’ve not had anything that big visit in years!
Solace: They were a common sight before the gate got decommissioned.

Solace: I guess we’re not quite the destination we were.
Caption: Sector 23 Debarkation Lounge. Has seen better days. Also, better decades.

Solace: The Monsoon will probably only be running with a skeleton crew by this point…

X2: But still! New arrivals! Exciting!
Solace: Heh. Sure.
Titles: Solid Metal Override
Titles: 5: Ships Passing

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