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JEDCØP: We have tried Tachelock’s name and it has not succeeded in attracting suitable applicants.
JEDCØP: Now we should try JEDCØP’s.

Tachelock: So we can’t even find three more bots to join us and now you want to look for four?

Solace: Did your systems also predict how long this argument is going to last?

Mechra: Do you just wish to know the length of its current instance or the sum of the seventeen times it will recur in the course of the next month?
Solace: Oh God.

JEDCØP: Six is a better configuration than five. JEDCØP has stated this from the beginning.

Tachelock: And you’ve been wrong from the beginning!
Tachelock: Do we really have to go through the whole asymmetry debate again!?

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