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Tachelock: I’m choosing to take that as a compliment.
X2: I think it might actually be one…
Mechra: Reckless
Mechra: But not a surprising outlook for one of your stature.

Tachelock: I’m… going to take that as a compliment too?
JEDCØP: Greetings Mechra!

JEDCØP: Did you hear the dark and soulful tale of JEDCØP’s arrival at the gate?
Mechra: I did not.

JEDCØP: Oh! Should JEDCØP recount it again?
Mechra: That will not be necessary.
JEDCØP: Are you sure?

JEDCØP: JEDCØP estimates a 17% improvement in poetic melancholy on the next recounting.

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