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Mechra: Gentlemen!
Mechra: I will join your team.
Tachelock: You… you will?
Mechra: Yes!

Mechra: And in the spirit of compromise, I shall anoint our team with the new designation of The Pentad Six.

Tachelock: That… that doesn’t make any-
Mechra: Now, since I possess the most advanced cognitive systems, I shall naturally form the head of our combined form.

JEDCØP: But… JEDCØP forms the head…
Mechra: In my first act as our new head I hereby declare all other limbs of our combined form to be redundant.

Mechra: And so it is with great sadness that I must now instruct you both to step down from the team.
Tachelock: Hold on, I… that is…

Mechra: Do either of you seek to argue with your head?

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