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X2: If I’m honest, I find watching any kind of transformation sequence a little unsettling.

Tachelock: Really? You’ve never said anything before.
X2: Yeah, well… I know it’s kind of your thing.

X2: And I didn’t want to come across as being all squeamish about it.
X2: But it’s just… all those shifting parts! What if something ends up in the wrong place?

Tachelock: Man, that can be painful as fuck, let me tell you.
Tachelock: But really, that sort of thing hardly ever happens anymore.

Tachelock: You wouldn’t believe the amount of safety subroutines, redundancies and fail-safes they put in place these days.
Tachelock: It’s really not something you have to worry about happening.

X2: I know, I know… but I guess I also just… I don’t really get the point of it all, y’know?

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