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Solace: Really? So my experience “doesn’t count” but if I turned into a… a giant space elephant, then that would be okay?

Tachelock: Yes! Exactly!
Tachelock: A giant space elephant would be awesome!

Tachelock: If you ever decide to get back into the whole starship business, you should totally hold out for one with an elephant mode.
JEDCØP: JEDCØP thinks Solace would make an excellent pachyderm.

JEDCØP: Can any of you guess what JEDCØP would want to transform into?

Solace: A gun?
Tachelock: Probably a gun, yeah.
X2: A really big gun?

JEDCØP: Awww, you guys.
JEDCØP: JEDCØP feels so seen right now.
Caption: Tachelock’s Top Transforming Tips!
Caption: No.87. Speak softly and transform into a large stick and/or elephant and/or firearm.

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