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Caption: Altergate 10-Theta-D.
Caption: Present day.
X2: So I guess that has to be the worst job I’ve ever had.

Tachelock: What? Seriously?
X2: Sure – I mean, I’ve had the occasional bad client before and since.

X2: But nothing else that made me want to delete the whole thing from my memory logs.
X2: That means it must be the worst by default, right?

Tachelock: I- no! That’s cheating! You can’t pick a job you don’t remember.
JEDCØP: How can X2 even be sure it happened at all?

X2: Because past-me said it did.

JEDCØP: But how does X2 know past-X2 was telling the truth?
Tachelock: JEDCØP has a point. How do you know that was really you in the video and not some… some evil doppelganger pretending to be you?

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