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Sol: The Shunt!? What the hell were you doing anywhere near those psychos’ territory?
X2: Anarcho… is that a species? I don’t think I’ve heard of them.

Tachelock: Oh dear – they’re not another race, planet or political entity that you’ve inexplicably deleted from your memory banks, are they?
X2: Hah hah.

Sol: The Shunt are bunch of religious fanatics that somehow managed to carve themselves out a small interstellar empire of like-minded nutjobs.

Sol: They’re rabidly anti-robot and view the purging of all AI from the universe as a holy duty.

X2: So… best avoided then?
Sol: Generally speaking, yes. Unless you really fancy a good purging.

JEDCØP: But why did Tachelock go to work for them?
Tachelock: Well… it really wasn’t one of my better planned career moves.

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