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Sol: But I remember now – they’re the ones with the really weird-
X2: Stop!

X2: I’ve deliberately never looked up any details about them or Undulon IV.
X2: It’s… it’s just better for me that way, okay?

Tachelock: Well as far as “worst job” stories go, yours sure comes with unsatisfying lack of details.
X2: Fine! Let’s hear your story then.

X2: I bet you’ve got a real opus of unfortunate employment choices to share.

Tachelock: *sigh*
Tachelock: Several opuses, probably.
Tachelock: Man, I have had so many shitty jobs…

Tachelock: But the worst?
Tachelock: The worst would have to be the gig I landed in The Anarchodiluvian Shunt.

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