Never mind the jetpack, where’s my jacuziline?

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  1. diddy1 says:


    This comic in the future it is.

  2. srah says:

    that would be cool.

  3. Vole says:

    There’s a dirty joke here somewhere, but I’m scared to look for it.

  4. Shannon says:

    I’m still waiting for my Delorean.

  5. eter T Stone says:

    Deloreans are from the 80s

  6. Peter T Stone says:

    How did I miss the P in my name

  7. No One says:

    Deloreans arent from the 80’s. Deloreans hail from no time period, they are eternal, they have always been. they are the unspoken gods of cars. this is the reason they are the perfect vehicle for time travel.

  8. Dune says:

    Perhaps Shannon wants a flying DeLorean fitted with a time flux capacitor?

  9. Pie says:

    well who doesn’t??

  10. JT says:

    I choose life.

  11. Podger says:

    Have you tried corn starch? Just fill the trampuzzi with a non-newtonian fluid.

  12. Mordoz Lord of Cookies says:

    Any fluid that Newton didn’t like would be non-Newtonian.

  13. Phil E. Drifter says:

    Looks photoshopped.

  14. Peanut says:

    Well, technically the flying Delorean time traveled into 1885. So it is from the 80’s. Of the previous century.

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