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I’ve no idea how it happened, but somehow the comments for this post got switched off when I posted it. Only noticed today, and switched them back on. Hopefully everyone unable to post their roll earlier in the week will check back and add it now. Fingers crossed!

The rolls are closed!

Many thanks to the brave dice rollers who persisted through adversity to make their rolls count this week. In the end we had 5 rolls in the comments and 3 more via twitter, leading to a final tally of:

1-3: 4 rolls.
4-6: 4 rolls.

Which – ha ha – of course means we’re at a tie. Oh cruel fate why must ye strike at me so!?

Anyway, a quick roll of my emergency dice (black painted wood with gold spots), results in a… 6! So it seems Bea has an issue with Cromwell’s flying…

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