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23. The Last Place

23. The Last Place published on 13 Comments on 23. The Last Place

The big question this week: where to next? Roll a six-sided dice and post the result to the comments thread or tweet it to @merlism. Rolls will be tallied on Thursday and the result shown on Friday. And for those who’ve been wondering what else I’ve been up to lately, here’s a news post about the stuff I’m doing at Comics Unmasked and The Lakes Festival.


Annnnd the rolls are closed!

This week we had 10 rolls in the comments,1 more via twitter and lots of people desperate for a visit to Belgium.

But what was the final tally?

1-2: 5 rolls.
3-4: 2 rolls.
5-6: 4 rolls

So it looks like “bustling metropolis” has taken it. However! As Frederik has pointed out, Belgium does in fact have a few bustling metropolis to its name. Now, I had intended to use Paris as the metropolis in question but since:

1) Lots of people really did want Belgium but still honestly reported their roll anyway (gold stars for all of you!)
2) It’s not technically cheating under the wording of the roll.
3) Ghent is just lovely.

I think I might allow for a very slight bending (not breaking) of the rules for tomorrow’s strip…

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