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We’ve been reviewing your proposed outline for the office safety video.
And we’ve got a few… er… a few notes.

Okay so… well, first there’s the scenes with the giant albatross. Which… most of the film seems to be about this albatross.

And then there’s the runtime.
We were expecting around 20 minutes but this is… like, over 2 hours.

I think the extended runtime is really necessary to the make the audience care about who the giant albatross is as a person.
Yeah. See… I guess we were expecting a little less albatross and a little more office safety?

But… but the whole film builds towards the office safety scene!
Okay, yes. Yes it does. But… well…

We don’t typically use many rocket launchers in the office.
So maybe if that was like… a photocopier instead or…

You want them to… photocopy the albatross to death?
That… would be a start, yes.

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