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Reverend – the church must have its own records.
Well… yes, I suppose-

Great! I want you to dig through everything you can find for possible leads on the kingdom’s name.

Er… I’m not sure where I’d…
I’ll help him sort through it all.

Good. Now… just because we don’t remember the name, doesn’t mean no one does…

So we’re going to need a kingdom-wide census.
Ooh! Me! Me! I can do that!

Fine. Ask everyone about the name, where we are, etcetera. And try to do it in a way that doesn’t cause a mass panic.

Trevor, Ex – I want you on the borders problem. The Kingdom must have some – I want you to find one and then figure out the best way to send someone across it.

Um… what about me?
You? You’ve got the most important job of all.
I… I have?

Yes. Figure out whatever you think you’ll be most useful at helping with, and then do the opposite.

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Hello! I just want you to know I adore your comics, and am glad I found your site again after losing it (The Rule of Death was phenomenal and I couldn’t figure out where I’d read it!)

Anyways, keep up the wonderful work, please and thank you. I look forward to seeing this tale through.

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