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And so with the Royal Torture post removed, we can also retire the Royal Victim.
Your Majesty, these cuts you’re proposing are… are…
They’re really rather drastic, don’t you think?

Ministers, the kingdom is facing an existential crisis on a massive scale. Yet we never have the funds to do anything about it!

Some realignment of our spending priorities is the only sensible course of action.

Of course we all agree with the… er… sentiment of what you’re proposing, your Majesty.

However, the balancing of the Royal Budget is a delicate process that cannot be-
Why on earth is there a Minister for Spoons?

Well… historically it was felt that the Minister for Silverware was overworked, so-
Ah yes, Silverware. That’s another one that can go.

Honestly, it’s almost as if no one ever expected me to check any of these things in person.

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