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Your Majesty!?!
Ah. Trevor, is it?

Sorry for stopping by unannounced. I’m afraid yesterday I fired the Royal Announcer.
You- oh. That’s… of course, your Majesty. It’s… it’s no trouble at all.

So this is the Ministry for Science, is it? Just this one small room?

Er… well… yes. I’m afraid our budget has seen better days.

Indeed. I read the report you issued on the Mass Mortality Event.
Oh. You did? That’s… unfortunate.

Yes, “unfortunate” is a very good word for it. “Terrlible” would be another. I suspect “made up swiftly with no actual research at all” would also be an accurate.

So… so you’re here to fire me too then, your Majesty?
No, actually. Quite the opposite in fact.

How does a substantial raise sound to you?
At this juncture? Mostly… very, very confusing.

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