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Okay. Now can we get started on the team selection?

Absolutely! And I think the first role to fill is really the most obvious one – we need a necromancer.
A what!?

You know – a necromancer! Master of the undead… speaker in dread tongues… that sort of thing.

You can’t be serious.
Deadly serious. Or perhaps… undeadly serious?

Fine. In that case I can see two main problems. Firstly, there aren’t any necromancers in the kingdom.

And that’s because secondly, necromancers aren’t actually a real thing at all.

Look, there’s no sense in letting reality get in the way of an otherwise solid plan. If we can’t get an actual necromancer, we’ll just have to settle for the next best thing.

Dread tongues? Well… I suppose I know a little Latin…
Close enough, Reverend. Close enough.

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