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Look – I know we’ve had our personal differences.
And professional.
Okay fine, but you still want the story, don’t you?

The Mass Mortality Event. You want to know what caused it – what this is all really all about.

“Mass Mortality Event?”
It’s what they’re calling it now – the apocalypse or the rapture of whatever it was. Officially it’s the M.M.E.

Huh. I haven’t heard that name in any official proclamations.
No – the initial M.M.E report was a complete shambles.

But now his majesty the King has initiated a massive expansion of the Ministry of Science.
And what’s any of this got to do with you?

I’ve been empowered to lead a specialist team that will deliver definite answers on M.M.E. And I’m here to ask you to join that team.

Wait. They picked you? The King appointed you to lead the inquiry?

Something wrong?

Oh. I see.

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