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It’s certainly a good likeness.

But I’m not sure I really see the point?
The point? Your Majesty, you are the point.

Everyone’s been so inspired by the bold new direction you’ve taken our domestic policy.
Absolutely! So inspiring!

The other Ministers and I just think it needs to be properly celebrated.
Yes! The people need to know!

And the Statue of Dependency project is the perfect way to let the whole kingdom know what you’ve been doing on their behalf.

But I’m not really doing anything in the statue, am I? I’m just sort of standing there.

You’re ruling, your Majesty! You’re leading by example! You’re inspiring the people by your very presence!
Hmm. And how much would this statue project cost, exactly?

Can one truly put a price on inspiration, your Majesty?
I would definitely like you to attempt to try.

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