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How much?
I know it sounds like a lot of money, your Majesty.

But you have to understand what a unifying undertaking this would be for the whole kingdom.
Everyone’s so keen to be part of it, your Majesty! The Ministry of Public Works, The Ministry of Arts, The Ministry of Soup, The Ministry of Tourism, The Ministry of-

Wait. There’s a Ministry of Soup?
Ah- Let’s not get bogged down in all the little details-
How does soup build a statue?

Well… that is… the foundations and er… the men have to eat, your Majesty!
Do they? Do any of us?

That is an excellent question you Majesty, and certainly something that should be investigated within the scope of the project, hence the vital contribution of the Ministry of Soup.

So you’re telling me that the Ministry of Soup’s contribution to the project would be to study whether or not there’s any point in them making a contribution to the project?

On that basis almost any Ministry could claim to have a vital role in any project without ever actually contributing anything useful at all!

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