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It used to be simple – I was just trying to find out what happened. No… that’s not right. Who was to blame for what happened.

But now… I don’t know. Whatever the mistake we made… it’s… it’s just too much, isn’t it?

I mean… we didn’t just die. It’s like… like our very name and location have been struck from reality.

How could any mistake ever have been so great as to deserve that?

And yet here we all are, carrying along day after day with this… this failed metaphysical investigation that isn’t getting us any closer to really solving any-

Wait! Wait… say that again!
Er… which bit? I’ve kind of been monologuing for a while now.

Nevermind! I’ve got it! I’ve got the answer!
You have?

Hey! Do you mind sharing it with the rest of us!?

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