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52. Anti

52. Anti published on 1 Comment on 52. Anti

Oh hey, it’s the crabs guy! Also – sorry this update is a day late. E-merl has had some weird WordPress issues that brought the whole site down for a few days and is now requiring me to rebuild and redesign large chunks of the website. Apologies for things looking kind of crappy for the next week or so while I get everything up and running again.


Please stop following me.
But you came to me!
And that was an error I continue to regret.

You have to listen! It was the scientists! Working with the politicians and the church!

They dropped antimatter into the beehives just to see what would happen!

And now the bees are angry! Angry antigravity bees!

Antigravity bees?
Okay. There’s someone I think you need to meet.


My work here is done.

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