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Are there any other matters to discuss?
We do have a report from the Ministry of Science, your Majesty.

It’s the results of their inquiry into the… they’re calling it “the mass mortality event.”
Really? What did they find?

Let’s see… they believe the event to have been caused by… “a super-Earth sized Planet Nine orbiting in the Oort Cloud beyond Pluto.”

And that it was “probably some sort of soul-magnet” that “zapped us all out of our bodies using magic space rays.”

Tell me – exactly how big is our Ministry of Science?
There… were some cutbacks in the last budget-
How. Big?

I think it’s a chap called Trevor, isn’t it?
That’s right.

Oh! And he has this adorable beagle named “Monty” that he brings in to help out at weekends.

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