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But then! Then the bees got control of the government!
And they used the government’s super computers and, and the hadron colliders to rewrite reality so we’d all be dead and they’d still be bees!
Uh huh.

You’re not listening!
Sure I am.
No you’re not!

You say you want answers, but you won’t listen! You’re not even asking the right questions!

Okay, fine. What question should I by asking?
How about “where are we?” for a start!

As in, what country are we in? Or what countries are we next to? Hell, what continent are we even on?

You’re being ridiculous! We’re in… er… that is, um… wait.

Our neighbours are… no, that’s not…
See? See what they did?

Damn Them! Damn them all! Damn the BEEEEEEEEEEEEES!

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