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Tachelock: Really? I don’t remember you wearing it in the bar before.
X2: No? I’m sure I’ve worn it here before. I wear it all the time, so I must have.

JEDCØP: JEDCØP is initiating a hat recognition algorithm and crosschecking it against his visual database.

X2: Honestly, there’s no need to go to any trouble.
Caption: Definitely a hat.

JEDCØP: No matching hats found on any instances of X2 in my database.
JEDCØP: Initiating Deep Hat Scanning mode.

X2: Hey! Stop that! You can’t just go scanning someone else’s hat without permission!

JEDCØP: Multiple hat anomalies detected!
JEDCØP: Biological lifeform readings confirmed!
Caption: Skeeviness indicators: 93%

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