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JEDCØP: Clutchy.
JEDCØP: Crawson
JEDCØP: Huggo.
JEDCØP: Mister Woofles.

Tachelock: “Mister Woofles?”
JEDCØP: Mister Woofles is an evergreen name of which any creature would be proud.

X2: This is getting out of hand… I’m not keeping the larvae as a pet either!

Mechra: Then explain your unwillingness to sell me the creature.
X2: Look… I’ve already been in touch with the authorities on Verdigrave Five.

X2: They didn’t even know they had any living Xeno-craw on the planet. So they’re sending a specialist preservation team to collect the larvae.

X2: They think between this one and the other eggs in the nest I found, they’ve got a shot at establishing a new breeding colony on one of the planet’s moons.

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