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Mechra: A breeding colony?

Mechra: In a century or two they could have tens… even hundreds of adult specimens.
Mechra: What a glorious hunt that would be…

Mechra: I find this conclusion to our negotiation to be acceptable.
X2: Er… good?

JEDCØP: So Mister Woofles isn’t staying?
X2: No. And we’re not naming it that.

JEDCØP: Oh. How about…
JEDCØP: Crawley?

X2: No.
JEDCØP: Egbert?
X2: No.
JEDCØP: Grabby McGrabface?
X2: *sigh*
Caption: This episode brought to you by The Xeno-craw Preservation Society. “Saving the alpha predators of tomorrow by hosting your parasites today.”

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