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HEDBØT: I told them, I said!
HEDBØT: None of it makes any sense, I said!

HEDBØT: You’re my best mate, you are!

HEDBØT: A king without a head!
HEDBØT: A land with a king!

HEDBØT: You’re… you’re the best!
JEDCØP: Go. Away.
HEDBØT: I totally love you!

Titles: Solid Metal Override
Titles: 12: Correct Ladder Safety

HEDBØT: Oh god!
HEDBØT: I’m so alone!

HEDBØT: Waaaaaaah!
Tachelock: Jeez, how many has HEDBØT had?
Sol: I cut him off an hour ago.

HEDBØT: I’ve just got so much to give but… but nobody wants to take it!
Sol: His sobriety systems really should have kicked in by now.

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