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X2: Oh come on – they’re not all that bad.
Tachelock: Yes they are!

Tachelock: Name one game that wasn’t better after an AI got hold of it and rewrote everything to make it at least marginally entertaining.
X2: Well… I mean… um…

X2: I’m sure there must be one…
Tachelock: Hah! I rest my case.

JEDCØP: There will be no counting of anyone else out. The game is supposed to have four spectral remnants and we’re already a player short.
X2: Four ghosts?

Tachelock: HEDBØT was also supposed to be playing but then he started freaking out about passing The Basic and went off to revise instead.
X2: Oh really. And did you maybe say something to make him freak out?

Tachelock: No! Well… not deliberately, anyway.

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