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X2: Wait… I thought Sol was playing tonight too. Couldn’t she be the fourth ghost?

JEDCØP: Sol cannot play as a spectral remnant. She is playing as our quarry – The Pac-Man.
X2: So it’s the three of us against her? That doesn’t sound very fair.

JEDCØP: The Pac-Man is a perfectly spherical vengeance machine, genetically engineered from DNA of the orphans of 1000 murdered billionaires.

JEDCØP: Out job as remnant is to apprehend the Pac-Man before it consumes enough criminal souls to achieve its ultimate, dread potential.

X2: And… and what happens then?

JEDCØP: When the Pac-Man achieves ascendance, it will turn on us and we shall become the hunted.
JEDCØP: Then if it captures us, it will brutally re-murder us and consume our very essences to power its unholy quest for vengeance.

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