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X2: What? No it doesn’t! How can you lose track of which dimension you’re in?

Tachelock: Look, if you’re trying to save a bit of time with long distance space travel, you have to expect the odd bumpy ride now and then.
X2: “Bumpy ride?”

Tachelock: Accidental materialisations, time fractures, dimensional slippage – that sort of nonsense.
Tachelock: So can I say I’m 100% sure this is still the dimension I started out in? No.

Tachelock: But I checked the historical databases – it all seems pretty similar.
Tachelock: And where there are discrepancies… that could be in my own memory banks, y’know?

Tachelock: I’ve maybe not always been as… precise as I should be when it comes to purging redundant data from my old alt modes.
Tachelock: After a while you kind of just learn to roll with the inconsistencies.

X2: That… that is a very you outlook on life, you know that?

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