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X2: So you did have someone?
Tachelock: Eh… sort of. But also, not really.

Tachelock: Vadertron had this kind of silent wisdom, all-knowing thing going on.
Tachelock: He transformed into this big, retro truck that I used to think was the coolest looking thing.

Tachelock: I used to hang out with him and just… just talk. About… well, about nothing really.
Tachelock: How my day had gone or the latest alt mode I was working on or whatever stupid fight I’d gotten into.

X2: That sounds really… nice?
Tachelock: Yeah. Yeah, it was.

Tachelock: Only I found out a few years later I hadn’t been talking to Vadertron.

Tachelock: He’d been arrested on racketeering charges and carted off to the robopound a couple of months after I came online.
X2: Then… who had you been talking to?

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