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Sol: But that’s not even really cooking. Is it?
X2: Or course it is!

X2: You think I tried to tackle an eleven species orgy on my first day?
Sol: I… hope not?

X2: Do you think JEDCØP tried to eradicate all crime on his first day on the beat?
JEDCØP: JEDCØP’s first day consisted of 67 jaywalking arrest for and one reprimand for overzealous enforcement of the jaywalking bylaws.

X2: See!? You start off simple and you build from there.

Sol: Okay fine. I guess it’s worth a shot.
X2: That’s the spirit!

X2: Now let’s do this properly. JEDCØP, order some peanuts.
JEDCØP: JEDCØP requests bar-based micro sustenance in the form of one bowl of your finest simulated peanuts.

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