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Tachelock: No one! Turns out It was just some crappy abandoned truck that had been parked there and forgotten about.

X2: Yikes! Sorry, Tache.
Tachelock: Ah, it was ages ago. You get over it.

JEDCØP: JEDCOP still feels just as confused as when this conversation started.

JEDCØP: Based on today’s data, families are tricky entities that provide opportunities for solace, learning and occasional parricide.
JEDCØP: They somehow contain extremes of both sorrow and joy, with a structure forged from a mix of proximity and misunderstanding.

Tachelock: Yeah. Sounds about right.
X2: Agreed.

Caption: Coming Soon to a Storyplex Near You!
Caption: An epic of saga of loss, longing and forbidden love!
Proclamoid: Passcode?
Proclamoid: Passcode!

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