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X2: I got it!
Titles: Solid Metal Override
Titles: 17: He Got It

Sol: Got what?
Tachelock: Is it robo-herpes? I bet it’s robo-herpes.

X2: What? No! I don’t have robo-herpes.

JEDCØP: That is exactly what someone who has robo-herpes would claim.
X2: Oh for- There’s no such thing as robo-herpes!
Tachelock: That’s not true – a buddy of mine died of robo-herpes.

Tachelock: Well, technically he died surfing a gorilla that was packed with liquid explosives off the side of a mountain.

Tachelock: But everyone agreed it was the herpes that drove him to it.
X2: I. Do. Not. Have. Robo. Herpes!

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