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Futurelock: I’m not a doppelganger, you idiots.
Futurelock: I mean, obviously I sort of am. But I’m not evil.

Futurelock: Well… I suppose ultimately that’s kind of a subjective value judgement, but-
Tachelock: Who are you and why do you have my head!?

Futurelock: Isn’t it obvious? I’m you, Tachelock. Except, you know – from the future.

JEDCØP: If you’re Tachelock, why do you have JEDCØP’s body?
Futurelock: Oh, that. I had a little accident a few years back. There was a… a bit of a war.
Tachelock A bit of a war!?

Futurelock: Yeah, look, I’m not really supposed to share too many details about the future, okay?
Futurelock: But basically my old chassis was a total write off.

Futurelock: So I had to use some of your old spare parts in the rebuild. You er… you didn’t need them anymore.

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