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JEDCØP: *Gasp!*
JEDCØP: You… you mean JEDCØP finally gets a proper upgrade to his motive systems?

Futurelock: Er… yeeeah, sure. An upgrade. Something like that…
Mechra: This is… unexpected.

Mechra: My sensors are registering zero threat projection capabilities.
Futurelock: What can I say? I’m a lover, not a fighter.

Mechra: I was so certain that this was my sister’s gambit.
Mechra: I need to urgently debug and revise my threat assessment matrices.

Mechra: I’ll leave the two of you to deal with… whatever this is.
Tachelock: What? You can’t leave us alone with him!
Tachelock: You said we were under attack from the future!

Futurelock: Honestly, it’s really more of a social call.

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