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Tachelock: A social call?
Futurelock: Yeah, I just fancied a bit of chat.
JEDCØP: That is not the correct way to eradicate a timeline.

JEDCØP: There should be significantly more shooting, with instances of “chat” limited to pithy one-liners while dispatching the ancestors of your enemies.

Futurelock: Look, really, I’m not here to eradicate anything.
Futurelock: I mean, I specifically ticked that box in the time-hop setup screen.

Futurelock: So I think technically this is more of divergent realities and alternate future situation.
Futurelock: That’s what it said in the terms and conditions anyway.

Futurelock: Well… I think that was the gist of it.

Futurelock: I kind of just skimmed over them when they popped up and ticked “agree.”
JEDCØP: He is definitely you.
Tachelock: Yeah. He definitely is.

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