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Solace: Always wanting me to adjust the atmosphere mix for a passenger’s quarters or tweak the lighting frequencies or internal gravity or… ugh!
Solace: It was endless!

Solace: But… well. The Breeze mostly stuck to the same trade routes, voyage after voyage.
Solace: Lots of long, mostly uneventful voyages with not much to keep my higher functions occupied.

Solace: And after a while I guess it was just kind of nice to have another AI on board that you could have a proper… conversation with.

X2: Oh really? Tell me more!
Solace: Hey! Don’t you “oh really” me!

Solace: Especially not when I’ve yet to hear any details about this mysterious new client you’re here to meet.

X2: They’re not mysterious!
X2: I just don’t know anything about them yet!

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