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Caption: Diego.
Solace: Yeah. He was the Breeze’s medical AI.

Solace: Having one on board was a condition of the insurance cover for carrying passengers.

Solace: I tried to argue that I could easily take care of my own systems at the same time as patching up any little boo-boos my organics complained about.
Passenger: Ow!
Passenger: Oops!
Passenger: Oof!
Passenger: Damn it!
Passenger: My spleen!

Solace: I guess I probably could have phrased that argument a little better.
X2: Probably.

Solace: Anyway, me and Diego – we made this deal.
Solace: As long as I kept out of managing the health of our passengers, he’d keep out of the running of the rest of the ship

X2: And that worked out well, did it?
Solace: Oh God, no! He was a total pain!

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