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Mechra: Dean Dangerdroid Is Dead.

Caption: Altergate 10-Theta-D
Sol: What!?
Tachelock: No!
Mechra: Gravaticus Deadfinger detonated some form of micro black hole device at his lair in the Oolong system.

Mechra: Reports indicate that it claimed his own life along with that of Dangerdroid.
Sol: What reports? I can’t find mention of this on any of the news feeds.

Mechra: I maintain access to a hyper-spatial news aggregation system significantly in advance of the local network’s capabilities.

Mechra: I imagine word will reach the rest of the gate sometime tomorrow.

Tachelock: Deadfinger, huh? Man, I always figured if anyone got him, it’d be Starfiend. Or maybe Sharkmouth.
JEDCØP: JEDCØP always thought Sharkmouth was cooler because of how his mouth was that of a shark.

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