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Tachelock: Really? I never got why Sharkmouth was so popular. I mean, who hasn’t had a shark’s mouth at some point or other?
JEDCØP: JEDCØP has never had a shark’s mouth.

JEDCØP: But now you’ve said that, JEDCØP really, really wants one.

Tachelock: Bleh. I’m telling you man, forget Sharkmouth. Starfiend was the real deal.

Tachelock: I ever tell you I had in-system seats to watch Starfiend fight Dangerdroid for Armageddomania XIII?
JEDCØP: No! Really!?

Tachelock: “The Sentient Star Cluster That Fights Like A Man versus The Most Dangerous Droid Ever Designed!”

Tachelock: Now that was a proper Armageddon. Not like the staged bouts they hold these days on planets that’ve already been scheduled for demolition.

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