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10.1. Wood For The Trees

10.1. Wood For The Trees published on No Comments on 10.1. Wood For The Trees

So hey, did you spot the news post I made last week about my talk at the Comics Strike Back conference happening today? If not, you might still have just enough time to read the post and then register to watch the conference on Zoom. Hurry, hurry, hurry!


Titles: Solid Metal Override
Titles: 10: Wood For The Trees
Tachelock: X2 is where?

Sol: Verdigrave Five.
Tachelock: Never heard of it.
Sol: No? It’s not that far from here.

Sol: Let me forward you the postcard they sent.

Postcard: Welcome to Verdigrave 5.
Postcard: “A friendly place to linger.”

Tachelock: That is too many trees.
Sol: The whole planet’s one big nature reserve.

Tachelock: Really? What’s X2 doing there then?

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