Starting the new year with a bang. Or: does a gun have Buddha Nature?

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  1. The headless says:

    1: y = -8 😀
    2: You mean allah, boedah or christian god? 😕
    3: *Clap* 😆

  2. Lol no it doesnt says:

    The headless you are wrong.

    you say y=-8, so the equation reads 40+-32, which = 40-32, which = 8, not -8

    y= -(40/7)

  3. Ardnek says:

    Since when is 6 x -8 = -32? You have the most interesting kind of math!

    The headless was right, after all.
    -8 = 40 + -48

  4. Wayne says:

    the answer is 42

  5. Lee says:

    It is often used in an attempt to solve theological debates.

  6. Marina says:

    Am I the only one thinking: Shoot the goddamn guy who asked?

  7. David Smith says:

    “Whats the sound of one hand clapping”

  8. Meggie Cleary says:

    I think a gun can indeed solve the first problem…

  9. x says:

    at least this particular gun solved the third question correctly. since one hand cannot clap, “mu” is the correct answer.

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