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In an axiomatic system with undefined terms, Rose, Smells Worse, and 2Girls1Cup, and has 2 axioms.

Axiom 1 states that for the set r of roses {R: R is all roses in existence} and any 2Girls1Cup G, G smells worse then r.
Axiom 2 states that if a 2Girls1Cup G smells worse then R, R does not smell worse then G.

Proof of the postulate that no rose smells worse then a 2Girls1Cup:
1: Suppose that there exists a rose R and a 2Girls1Cup G, where R smells worse then G.
2: R belongs to set r (Axiom 1).
3: R does not smell worse then G (Axiom 1).
4: G smells worse then R (Axiom 2).
5: Contradiction with hypothesis in step 1.

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