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  1. Nathan says:

    Jesus Christ, that’s funny.

  2. JaWebb says:

    he was jsut rebooting form old testament S/W to new testimate..

  3. Jerry says:

    That’s pretty hilarious, but I think the first frame is unnecessary; it’s much funnier if you just realize what’s going on by yourself.

  4. William says:

    Divinely hysterical.

  5. oldestgenxer says:

    I’m a Christian. But I have a sense of humor. That’s funny.
    But totally unrealistic. How often do you get English-speaking tech support?

  6. Lamsey says:

    Three day reboot time? Jesus sucks!

  7. Dreamer says:

    Jesus hates lag. It took him three whole days to respawn…

  8. Steven says:

    As a Christian I can say this is the funniest Christ joke I have seen in forever. Congratulations, good Sir/Madam.

  9. ravious says:

    The Religious are insane and nothing they say should ever be considered as a rational thought as through their own admission of being religious are unable to separate fact from fiction. Religion and the mindless fools that follow it are truly a plague upon the entire human race and have truly been the most awesome and devastating weapon of mass destruction this planet has ever seen. There has been no Political Leader, Army, Bomb, or Virus that has even come close to the sheer death toll caused by Religion. As a matter of FACT the only thing that has ever topped the deaths of Religion was the six mile wide meteorite that slammed into the earth killing everything on it some 65 million years ago, that’s it, nothing else has ever come close.

    Unlike other mental illnesses, Religion mimics that of a viral infection, as it, if left unchecked will spread like wildfire infecting everything uneducated in its path. See, It’s very difficult to convince an educated person that there is an invisible man living in the clouds, this is why children are injected with Religion at a young age. Their innocence and lack of knowledge of how the world works leaves them defenceless against the attacks of Religious infection often resulting in a devastating lifelong sickness that leaves the infected indoctrinated with a mindset that has taught them to reject fact in favour of fiction. This way the infected never becomes educated and loses faith as it always rejects anything that’s logical as an attack upon their God by some unseen demon in the night. That person then grows up, had children of their own and looks forwards to infecting their children with the sickness as well.

    Religion and those who follow it must be stopped, at any cost.

  10. Dave says:

    no, you

  11. Bill says:

    What ravious said.

  12. tens says:


    Your religion is obviously anit-religion. You have the same need to wipe out an opposing belief as the crusade-era christians. Why not just live and let live?

  13. Paul McCartney says:

    @ravious, Live and let die, man.

  14. Paul McCartney says:

    And I’m also so late with this… nice thing you got here, Merl.

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