42. Hail Satan

42. Hail Satan

Cue the Mountain Goats.


I hereby call this meeting of the Dark Lodge of Satanic Brethren to order.

Hail Satan!
Hail Satan!
So, on to today’s first order of business-

Why don’t we talk some more about how the world ended and it’s probably all our fault?
Oh for- not this again!
Seriously, Larry?

Look – the lodge’s official stance on the matter remains unchanged. We all agree that: 1. Everything proceeds in accordance with our dark master’s grand design.

And: 2. The apocalypse was probably nothing to do with us, so we should all stop worrying about it.
Now, can we please move on?

Okay, fine…
Right! The first order of business then.

We need a volunteer to organise the annual Baphomet Raffle at next Sunday’s village fete.
Oooh ooh! Me! Me!

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