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Well, I don’t get it really, but I think the irony resides in that we hear a lowly cab driver pontificate on such an intellectual level as to use psychoanalysis to ponder the relativity of his own existence. This is all done in a proletarian blue collar setting but with a bourgeoisie vernacular… Not just any Taxi driver but that of an immigrant where English is not their first language…i hope was was able to confuse things up for you a little more,,,

wow, hilarious!

I think the comedy comes in the contrast between panel 2, where the driver talks on a very intellectual, philosophical level about his views of death and mortality. Then he handles it by going out and getting trashed, almost the complete antithesis of an intellectual response.

Anon, Although you are partly correct imo, that view also defeats the joke to some extent. He’s drinking because he’s a working class person, but the joke is funny because that’s such a contrast with the highly intellectual and philosophical statement he just made in panel 2.

the joke, to me, is in the transition between the first two panels (the taxi driver sets it up as though death is an average guy in a trivial conversation, but then throws down some truth disguised as “death’s problem” rather than his own; coping with inevitable demise.) the third panel seems supplementary.

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