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That would be “How to be a Mass Murderer”. According to my Crime and Criminology teacher, Serial Killers must have a pattern (selection, victim, style, et cetera.), whereas mass murderers just kill everyone and anyone.

Wikipedia has it’s own definition:
“a person who murders usually three or more people over a period of more than 30 days with a “cooling off” period between each murder, whose motivation for killing is largely based on psychological gratification”

Bethy, I’d go with serial killer here, especially based on your definition of mass murderer. Cuz anyone includes everyone and everyone is not dead… yet

AND he hints not to any reference of time, only an increasingly devilish smile. Remember serial killers are particular about details too. Like wearing the same clothes for each killing, ya see? And of course Poopipedia has its own definition, gah!

@Bethy: No, not really. It all depends on the time frame. For it to be a mass murder, it requires a short time span. For it to be a serial killing, it requires a long one. Since this information isn’t in any way disclosed in the cartoon, assuming it to be wrong is definitely a faulty conclusion.

Anyone that believes that what is typed on wikiisuckapedia is truth, is a liar themselves. Wiki is an open forum that allows morons like this Beth person to add what they think something means or is. And it also allows other morons to change these ideals at will.

Mass murder is the murder of a lot of people all at one time. This usually takes a small time frame. Serial killing is the killing of a person and then another and so on. This can happen over years and even decades.

you all are wrong, actually.
What you’re calling “mass murder” is actually called Spree Killing.
Mass murder is when you kill a bunch of people at once.
Spree killing is usually when someone snaps and just kills like 5 people (or more, whatever).

Serial killing is something that’s planned out and it’s one person at a time. Simliar to spree killing, but with the whole “psychological malfunction” thing overriding it.

Going postal = Mass murder
Losing your job and killing every 4th person on the freeway on the way home = spree killing
Killing all of your ex girlfriends over the course of 3 months = serial killer.

The nazis were serial mass murderers.

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