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yea Christianity borrows heavily from a lot of Asian religions like Hindusim, Buddhism, and Sihkism. Of course it also takes from Judaism, but that’s accepted since its a derivative. The belief is that Christ, if he existed, went to what is now India during the time not discussed in the bible inbetween childhood and mid adulthood. He probably went there and came back with a lot of the religious philosophies held in that area and brought them back claiming them as his own musings.

# clam Says:
October 22nd, 2008 at 11:49 am

as a former vancouver cabbie, it was my experience that australians dont tip either.

its because in Australia we pay decent wages and tipping would be a big excess.

funny stuff though.

Christianity borrows from Sikhism? That would be amazing, given Sikhism was founded around the year 1500. Jesus traveled to Asia? Have you ever actually looked into Eastern philosophy or are you just trying to rationalize your lunatic religion as being more worldly than it is?

DigitalJesus, you are an idiot.

Good cartoon, too bad it brought out the wack jobs.

the comic is hilarious, made even funnier by the asinine commentary by Dildo (sorry “bilbo”) and CMAN. You’re both angry, worthless pessimists lacking a sense of humor but sadly imbued with a sense that your input interests the rest of us. cheers fuckers.

@Bilbo (aka Dildo)

I’m wondering when and or where you missed the point that this is a comic, and as such is going to be humorous. Maybe it’s not funny to everybody (obviously to people such as your self), but that’s no reason to be name calling, now is it?

I don’t find Peanuts amusing in the least, and the cartooning isn’t exactly spectacular, but people love the shit out of that. It’s even been around since, I don’t know, about the time of Jesus.

Anyways, my point is, you’ve made your self out to be the ass, and as such, deserve to be beaten like one (the mammal variety that is).

And remember kids, Jesus rode an ass in the bible.

No, seriously, look it up.

Australians aren’t cheap, we just don’t have a tipping culture. We issue tips if service was really good, not just because it’s a standard thing. If an Australian doesn’t give an American tip, put it down to cultural insensitivity/ unawareness

Free tip for your cartoon #2:

The follow up:

Cartoon #2 is the day the FIRST Australian gives the cabbie a tip.

The cabbie by this time is an old man
with a long beard
and hair.
In fact, he kinda looks like…

As the cabbie looks at the tip he gives the punchline:


There is no god. Get over it and think for yourself instead of mindlessly regurgitating fairy tales passed down from incredibly primitive people who were relating stories of their DRUG USE. (Psychedelic mushrooms and peyote, as well as cannabis to a lesser extent. Once you smoke pot you really do feel like there must have been a god who gave you this wonderful plant.)

What pisses me right the fuck off is the whole ‘service charge’ or ‘suggested tip’ bullshit in America. It’s slowly creeping into the UK too, and I don’t like it, especially since i tip generously without prompt.

I never tip in America or Canada, I’ve paid for my food which is expensive enough to cover your effing wages. And America, your drinks are expensive enough without having your tipping crap. It doesn’t take a genius to pour a drink or open a bottle and your false chit chat and smiles aren’t worthy of a few dollars. If you want more money, tell your boss to lower his/her take.

Last time I was in America the cabbie ASKED me for a tip, so I short changed him to prove a point. It’s your job to drive, you don’t get extra because you talked about the weather.

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